Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Antenna Diaries

I nearly typed The Antenna Diarrhea.
Had a screening of the 2:30 cut last night. This is an example of my notes:
"transitions are good.
I hate the movie.
pezz is so choppy.
I hate the movie."
ugh. I want to select all and delete.

Went to Salant's tailgate party for the Sears tower lighting.  Was told that I was going to be on a panel at Indie Memphis called "Female Directors and Actors".  I was, I don't know, so un about it. "How can I be on a panel when I suck so much? I can't finish this fucking movie! All of those women will be so much cooler than I am!" blah blah blah.
I didn't say any of that.

I'm lingering on the set of "Tennessee Queer".
No editing today. I'm watching other people work instead.

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