Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Antenna Diaries

Well, that critique went extremely well, better than expected and made me feel like maybe I know what I'm doing. Maybe a little. I feel like things are about to start moving at a more accelerated pace. I can easily see how to cut the movie down to 90 minutes, which I had thought was impossible.

Today we take down the wall of cards and start a new wall, a wall of clarity and broad strokes. I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready.

Actually, I think we're inserting Donovan and Bomar. We can't do anything til the existing interviews are incorporated. I'm still ready tho.

Bob came over (with JD) and watched some stuff last night and loved it apparently. I wish Milf was still alive. But I don't really think people like that are intended to live very long.

Edit: Today we have an impromptu 4+ hr meeting. I like talking about how to make things better.

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