Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Antenna Diaries

Sound mix has begun, art department is raring to go. All good. Website, um, soon? I think?

Shot a video for a Vanishing Islands song this weekend with this very cool camera.  It was so heavy it was making my tripod sink, which kind of freaked me out for a while. and I'm still not used to the whole live view thing. (fact: I now own white, grey and black balance cards, but am apparently incapable of using them.) This was our awesome model; she was pure joy and she makes yummy soaps.

So much to do so much to do. Linda Heck footage, stuff for Uncle Roy.

Applying for this fellowship again, since they changed the work sample requirement to documentary feature only.  Which makes sense, of course.  And this time I'll be better steeled for the rejection email, I imagine. Maybe?

Oo! High of 88F today. Cooler weather gives me hope for survival, and for long sleeves, and not praying for death all the time. So sick of sweaty. Also, I'd like a glass of red wine.

I'm obsessed with Birkin. I should try to be more stylish, but it's so hard to be when the heat index is 105F.

Antenna single! Early, because there's a benefit for Ron Hale at the end of the month, on account of medical bills and hard times at the shop. The rest of the singles hit the world in October. Mark your calendars!

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