Monday, November 26, 2012

A Day in the Life - Thanksgiving 2012

The picture I took of the coffee maker was too blurry.

I started watching what I thought was the parade, but turned out to be some lame pre-parade nonsense.

I made blueberry crisp.

Yay! Parade!

Blueberry crisp.

Rockettes! Bow down before me!

I went outside to look at the Japanese maple.

Our housewatcher came by to get the keys and I learned that this is referred to as "drunken octopus wants to fight you".

I had enough coffee.

I am barely tall enough to do a self-portrait in this mirror.

I watched the dog show while I waited for El Destructo to finish packing.

We hit the road.

We are heading to a place a little north of Jackson.

We play music with an iPod connected to this jam box...

...because we lost the radio somehow during Indie Memphis a couple of years ago.

We do have this neat steering wheel cover.

Mississippi looks like this a lot.

Automotive dance party decor.

Grenada is halfway between Memphis and Jackson.

We stopped at this combination Exxon and Huddle House, where they apparently don't believe in lemonade. Whatever.


We are almost to the sisters' house when we see this gigantic Nissan plant, which looks like a battleship.

El Destructo is the Potato King.


There was a ping pong table set up.

I didn't ever play, but it was very photogenic.

My sister serves the stuffing.

We drank this deliciousness in addition to other deliciousnesses.

Dinner, minus cranberry sauce because I left the cranberries in Memphis. It was good regardless.

Seth had dinner too.

I brought toys for a secret stop motion animation project.

Seth got high on catnip.

The blueberry crisp got a little sloshed in the car so it was more like cobbler, but it was yummy.

I forgot to take any pictures after this, so you can make up your own story from here on.

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