Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Antenna Diaries

And the beat goes on.

Had a Skype interview the other day with Dave Catching, who used to play with the Modifiers (and Randy Band and Cock Rock and Four Neat Guys, etc). Very cool guy - had an email conversation with him and it's possible that he was responsible for selling me quaaludes and placidyls back then. Small world. Or is that more like a circle of life thing?

The day after his interview, he found an old vhs tape that he sent us. Angerhead (the band), Modifiers, Gun Club, an experimental noise thing he did on Channel 7 (sample-y, very proto-New Intruders) AND Modifiers with John Densmore and Derf Scratch. Fucking amazing.

Also, I found pictures I had forgotten. I love this one.

and this.

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