Monday, September 5, 2011

The Antenna Diaries

'You've seen "Memphis: The Musical", now see the real Memphis music.'


"Dive into the chaos."


Also, I hate when people want us to make a movie like other movies. "Have you seen blahblahblah? You should do that."
Huh. That would be the easy way out, wouldn't it? Why would I want it to look like something else? I want it to look like nothing else. I want people to sit the fuck up and listen and watch and learn. I want them to have their minds fucking expanded. I want them to be disturbed and shocked and I want them to remember what the world was like before everything was so goddamned internetty and socially fucked up. And if it was this feel-goody, everybody-likes-it movie, if it didn't piss a couple people off - then I wouldn't think we'd be accurately representing the Antenna. As Harris Scheuner said, "Back then people openly showed contempt for each other." People are such pussies these days.

The Densmore/Scratch show could look better. I think it needs to be recaptured. It's kind of wiggly, but awesome all the same.

I thought we were going to be able to cut 10 minutes out over this weekend, but somehow we've added 4. Very depressing.

Current temperature 68F. Good. I'm ready for tights and boots. And I guess my third winter of the fingerless brown editing gloves. I should retire them after this movie.

Where the hell is that Blues Explosion poster? I want to hang it in the kitchen. Fuck those stupid ornate measuring spoons.

I like the hell out of not waiting tables. I need to not wait tables a lot more often. It keeps me from considering suicide.

I love this picture of the Modifiers in California, probably about 1986 (?). I wonder who those girls are, and where they are now.

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