Friday, January 13, 2012

The Antenna Diaries

So much time off makes me antsy to work. Not that job, this job. Maybe Monday? Please, Herr Direktor? Or at the latest, Tuesday?
The invisible pests are making us anxious.

LFM 11th anniversary party tonight. They have a lot of parties, which is good because it means I don't have to have as many.

Possibly interviewing Mike Watt tonight, at the Buccaneer, before or after or somewhere about his show. I probably just jinxed it. Pretend I never mentioned it

I need to get my hair did. Every time I think I want to be tonsorially normative, I see a picture of Debbie Harry or Terri Nunn and I want to keep up the two-tone. Or is it three? Why can't I make up my mind?

We spent the afternoon in the laundromat on Madison, down from the Antenna. I remember being there with Jace, who is dead now, I think probably from years of drug abuse but I never really heard.  I kept a slouchy green Gap shirt I bought in 1989 that I probably should have Goodwilled. Being there made me want to listen to Nirvana.

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