Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Antenna Diaries

Maybe that should be The Music Video Diaries. Finished the Oblivians' "Vietnam War Blues" video. Totally rockin'. Lots of transparencies. I guess that's my theme. It's like when Lisa Simpson ate Apu's spicy Indian food - "I can see through time!" I can see through time to December 17, 1994, 1588 Madison Avenue.

"They're raw, they're nasty! They're the sound of Memphis Underground!" John Thomas makes a little cameo at the beginning. Lots of cameos - Richard Martin, Kim McCarthy, Colin, Patrick Ferris, some incredibly drunk guy in a yellow tshirt that I am perpetually amused with.

Submitting that and Hickory to the Crossroads Music Video Showcase, in Jackson MS. Ugh. Lots of ghosts in that closet.

Meanwhile, back on the movie ranch: the new timeline is going swimmingly. Swimmingly going. Ladedah. Moved Calculated X to right after Rock America, which, duh. How did we not see that? Moving the Modifiers to the end of the original Act 1, so the energy is more concentrated. We can move from them right into Angerhead that way. Smooth. Bam bam bam right into hardcore, which they were more than anyone, or at least they were the most purely punk.

Some things just make so much more sense now. thanks, Craig. I always want to call him Craigula, but that's a completely different person.

If I had a whole lot of money I would like to live here , but not all the time.

I think we can get thru the original Act 2 this weekend. I hope.

It's all based on broader strokes now, on energy. This is it in a nutshell:

There was no place to play.

There was a place to play! Woo!

There was no place to play.

Here is the highly stylized graph, for those who want a visual on how the magic happens. I don't know what that brown thing is at about 1984.

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