Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Antenna Diaries

Render render render.

Tons of captions for the screening today. I think that'll make a big difference. Three and a half hours from now.

I meant to come home after work and work on levels some more but. No. Not. Those people suck the life out of me. Saturday nights are the worst.

I should have at least rendered these things last night. Yikes.

I think he'll like it. I hope he likes it. He's a good barometer, since he's been at a ton of film festivals in the last year or so and he made an award winning doc to boot. Two years ago he told me to hire someone else to edit, to get it out of my life. I hope he doesn't say that today. I need to see this baby all the way til it rears its bloody little head and screams for the people.

I need to start walking again. I get such good ideas. Also, uh. Yeah. Exercise and stuff. This winter has been very stressful. This non winter. I ordered a cool Sid Vicious (or Viscious, as the website said. Ha!) tunic yesterday. I hope I don't look like a punk rock burrito in it.

Render dammit! Almost halfway done. What did I do with my time before this movie? What were Sundays like? I don't remember. Maybe we went to see movies that other people made.

Single idea: "Who did you see the first time you went to the Antenna?"

Also, keep the tv of dead people for the locals. For regular release, just a card or scroll. Every time I think of that I get this song in my head. I forgot Marky Mark was in that movie.

Current running time: 1:44

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