Friday, March 9, 2012

The Antenna Diaries

Our IFP labs submission has made it to NYC, Brooklyn to be specific. Jay St. I think we knew or know someone on Jay St. Signed for by the receptionist at the front desk. Entry #99. The die is cast, etc. Now we wait.

Total running time- 1:44.

We didn't have time to do some of the major surgery we had discussed, moving the Grifters closer to GG, etc. We'll get to that on Sunday. The Music Video Showcase took up three + days of our lives and then it took 15 hours to export and 12 to compress. Yikes. But really, not that bad considering all that funky archival and the animation and so on.

That just gave me a headache.

Going to Dwayne Butcher's opening tonight at David Lusk. He had a great quote in a review I read:"My audience may be limited, but I'm making the art that I want to make." Amen. All of us non-conformists can band together. And be broke together too, I guess. It's better to burn out than blahblahblah.

We're so fucking earnest.  Is that what that guy said? I don't think I've ever been called earnest in my life.

I feel very punk rock today. I might need to wear the Poe shirt and my red plaid mini, because if you don't think Poe is punk, then you're sadly very wrong. I hope my hair behaves. Or misbehaves correctly.
Then "Spring Awakening" at Circuit. It would be so cool to run the movie there, on account of the Elvisness of it, and all that space for installations and bands and so on. I guess we'll see.

Once again I debate painting my fingernails. But really? It kind of freaks me out when I see my hands in my periphery, like they're not mine.

Oo. My Memphis Dawls video has 174 views. Sweet. Waaaay more than "Everybody Kills". Huh. People get so freaked out about bugs.

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