Thursday, April 12, 2012

The 1.8.6. Diaries

Huh. The last person who said that about me was also on the edge of self-induced dementia.  What a coincidence.

The phone call is coming from inside your head!

Eat the hell out of that salad. Cut the lettuce into tinier and tinier pieces and then there will be more of them but still the same amount of food and that way you can eat half and still get three times as many pieces. See?

I wonder what that little baby grew up to be.

(No, I'm not done with THE MOVIE, but almost. So I have this little movie to work on.)

That ECU of those wiggly sunny-side up eggs grosses me out every time, although it's been pointed out that is how I like my eggs cooked. I like mine in color though.

Is that French toast? 

This is the second film I've done with a completely naked woman in it.  This one isn't crying, although she might be if she knew of the madness that surrounds her.

We have been poking the curse with a stick and look what crawled out.

I love doing the closing credits for my short films. Crew of one. Very attractive. The only person I can get mad at is me, but I guess that's what it's about anyway. It's the voices inside your head, dear.  It's your crew screaming at you all day every day, loop loop loop.

I should watch this movie again:

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