Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Editing Diaries

So much work to do so close to the end.  Making a little movie out of big history.

All I want to do is finish that Raymond Carver bio.

And those pictures make me so sad. I was so young and so scary skinny. In between lockups by men who never ever understood me.

I want to bring a yellow element into "1.8.6.". A yellowment. It seems so awkward right now and it's such a urine yellow in practice but when I go back to picking the color, it's the one I want. Actually, a tobacco stain yellow. More brown. It still looks like urine.

Maybe shapes. The shape is in a trance. lalala. Because it looks cool? Actually it looks kind of stupid.

I'm missing an element and it doesn't appear to be color. I feel like I will pick up a rock while I am walking and written on it will be my answer.


Where is that rock?

I need to watch some more Maya Deren.

So Joann is done with her doc. I want to be done with mine. I compare myself too much to other female filmmakers.


I need to see this movie again. I was so inspired during it. What did I think of? I should write things down.

Maybe I should make it more surreal. There's a crazy rhythm comin' from Puppetland.

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