Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Antenna Diaries

So that was good. Really good. I liked the graphics a lot. Although, being a doc about an art academy, it would have to have some good art in it, right? Sure. And we are about some DIY misfits working shit out. Or something.

running time: 1:40:09, without closing credits. THE ART ACADEMY was 1:38.

I need to stop comparing.

The exterminator guy looks at us we're crazy.  CMc is convinced he goes home and talks to his wife about us. But really, I think most people aren't at home when he comes for the monthly spraying, so just interacting with people at all must humor him.

Yes, I know we're behind on screening movies. Could you tell my other boss about that?  My other bosses, I guess.

The new narrative is working well. Maybe we've actually got a movie. That would be nice.  I'd like to have some time to do non-video related art. Or garden. Or lay on the couch and watch stupid movies all day.

So many anxiety attacks.

And then we keep finding pictures we'd forgotten about.

Easley McCain Recording photo: Dan Ball

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