Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hold onto your breath Hold onto your heart Hold onto your hope

Turn 'em into
turn 'em into
turn 'em into flies.

No, that's not the line. It's a "tournament of lies" which sounds, I don't know, too poetic or something.

Sometime I feel like an intruder in this group of cool freaks and I expect at any moment the secret police will bust in and drag me out.

He could probably be Alex, or at least the template for Alex.  Alex is little shady, but not like he'll steal your stuff shady just, you know, a little unleashed. He's a romantic at heart, but his heart has been broken and he has been a reactive slut for a while. Reactively slutty. Reactivist slut.

I'm ready to make another movie.

This is happening.  Our doc is in competition with a doc about George Plimpton.
Apparently last year they had a mobile sushi bar.  I would like to insist that it follows me around. I'll bet it's from this place. Didn't they have a fried catfish roll or something like that? Am I making that up?
We drank after hours at Ajax Diner that one time, with the keyboard guy from the Barbaras, whose name I can never remember.  But also, Tyler Keith? Did he work there?

Wow. That was a quick response. And great feedback. He should be a film professor. 

Sometimes I just go there to wish people happy birthday. It can get kind of overwhelming dontchaknow.

We are incorporated now. Oddly Buoyant Productions, Inc. We need new business cards.

I guess that popcorn will be down there forever unless I eat it. How does an office full of filmmakers not eat popcorn? I could live on popcorn and Greek salads. Don't skimp on the cheese.

I need more space on this desk; my desk downtown is a spacious. Also, I need a new computer.  I'm the secretary/treasurer of Oddly Buoyant, Inc.; I should have a decent workspace, right? And I want this to be on it.

As mayor of the munchkin city, in the county of the Land of Oz

I should make a casserole or a big pot of something. Also. bourbon balls.  It's going to be wintery. Finally. I want snow this time. Significant snow, and on my day off please.

I need to figure out what I'm wearing for our Xmas party.  Also, I guess I need to buy gifts or make gifts.  I would like a basket with wine and natural girly bathy things, yes.  No vanilla crap! Ew.

"He was the pimp daddy of all daddies and he drove a Volvo." - T. C. Sharpe on Cowboy Urles.  That just cracks me up.

These people live in the margins of life.

I should probably charge my phone.

This has been in my head since Thursday. March up to the gate and bid it open. Open.

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