Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Belated Holiday Photo Diaries

In no particular order, Christmas Eve and Christmas:
This wallpaper is the same as the wallpaper in One Eyed Jack's

I'm not sure what happened to the second figure in the middle towel scenario. I think the reindeer ate him.

El D, high school.

We watched Jeopardy! in the kitchen.

And then we played it on the iPad. El D and I coincidentally made both of our avatars look a little like Patty Hearst.
Not my favorite Christmas song, but I do love Johnny Mathis.

This little child got a lot of attention, as little children dressed like elves will do.

Sadly, there was no "naughty" paper.

El D was vaguely suspicious.


There's a lot of random stuff outside.

Oh, hay.

If you ever need a rusty metal door, I know where you can get twenty or so.

El D tests the panorama camera thing on his phone.

Random Star Wars lookin' stuff.




Salt n' Pepa.

Half eaten peanut butter cup.

Rainy deck.

Unintentionally (I'm sure) Mardi Gras-esque decoration.

The annual taping of the gift opening onto VHS.

Evening reading.

Evening tea.

Christmas morning foggy water.

Now that Disney bought Star Wars, they get to have storm troopers in their Christmas parade.


Our annual Christmas Day escape trip to Walgreens.

The Kountry Kupboard is across the road.
I read this as, "CRAVING A CHUBBY GIRL OR SOY BURGER", and I'm sure there are no vegan burgers in Nana's Kountry Kupboard.

Strawberry cheesecake remnants.

Deviled eggs.

Santa cookie jar.

Cookies, free of the jar.
I am never quite sure what this dessert is, but it shows up every year.

El D is tired, but his hair looks good.



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